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And the winner is…

May 3, 2011

Every year, in Spring, an original, yet tough, competition takes place in Paris. The stakes are high as the winner will have the privilege of visiting the Elysees Palace every morning for a year. We’re not talking about politics here but about gastronomy as the goal is to elect the best “baguette” of Paris. Launched in 1993, the competition now gathers more than 170 competitors coming from the 1000 or so bakeries of Paris.

The winner is chosen by a jury composed of 15 officials, cooks,  journalists or famous people (Stephan Clarke, the English author of “A year in the merde” was one of them last year). The jury judges the quality of “baguettes” according to several criteria such as their aspect, smell and crunchiness. The lucky winner of this contest gets 4.000€ in prize money and can expect to see his sales increase by 20% on average.

This year, the winner is Pascal Barillon from the “Au levain d’Antan” bakery, located 4 rue des Abbesses in the 18th district . A good address to eat the finest bread of Paris, as the 2010 winner was also from the rue des Abbesses. Just be ready to stand in line for a while to get your “baguette”. You won’t be disappointed however as you’ll have the satisfaction to eat the same bread as the French presidential couple!

The previous winners of the “Meilleure baguette de Paris” contest :

2010 : Michel Galloyer – Le Grenier à Pain, rue des Abbesses 75018

2009 : Franck Tombarel – Le Grenier de Félix, 64, avenue Félix Faure 75015

2008 : Anis Bouabsa – Les ducs de la chapelle 32, rue Tristan Tzara 75018

2007 : Arnaud Delmontel. 57 rue Damrémont 75018

2006 : Jean-Pierre Cohen, boulangerie Cohter, 270, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008

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