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Walking in the footsteps of Napoleon!

July 27, 2011

Napoleon is the most famous French man in the world : more books about him have been written than days have passed by since his death… During his reign, he transformed Paris into a modern and world scale city. His heritage is still very important in the French society and walking in his footsteps is a very original way to discover Paris !

Hence, to get the best of Napoleon in Paris, Napoleon Tours (a travel agency specialized in guided tours about the “Emperor”) proposes 2 guided walking tours specially designed to meet expectations of all : from just curious to real amateurs. Plus, an exclusive booklet (100 pages) is offered to each visitor, with maps, reviews, addresses, pictures and plans about Napoleon in Paris to deepen and continue the visit.

Napoleon classic tour : discover the most famous monuments in Paris, with an historical point of view : Napoleon was indeed the French leader who built the most monuments in Paris. From the Carrousel arch to the Rivoli street, the famous Arc de Triomphe and the incredible Invalides (where you can visit his tomb), you will see the best monumental creations of Napoleon and the highlight locations of his reign. A good introduction for curious persons who want to get acquainted with Paris and the myth of the Emperor.

Napoleon insider tour: this tour takes you to off the beaten track places connected to Napoleon’s life. You will discover some unknown locations where he was used to live, where he liked to go for shopping, for diner, to theater, but also where he loved and fought… This guided tours ends with an incredible hidden gem : the visit of a private mansion where Napoleon was used to go visiting friends, exclusively opened for you!

The agency also proposes 2 other tours : the Napoleon Louvre and paintings night tour (a night tour in Le Louvre for an artistic approach of Napoleon) and the Napoleon and Josephine tour (escape from Paris to Malmaison castle and discover the man behind the myth).

Tours can also be combined in package tours, for a whole day about Napoleon in Paris, with reduced prices.

Last but not least, Napoleon Tours focuses on quality : tours are exclusive with maximum 8 persons groups. Tours can also be privatized. No queue in museums. All guides are professional guides and specialists. They are locals and they will share the secrets of Parisian life with you.

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