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The Fouquet’s: the 21st century palace

November 30, 2011

Before the opening of the Fouquet’s in 2006, the Champs Elysees Avenue had long been waiting for a hotel in line with its prestige and fame. At the time, it was Paris’ seventh palace. Yet, the Fouquet’s has been on the French capital’s most prestigious Avenue  for more than a hundred years since  it is also the name of a very famous restaurant considered by many to be a National Treasure.

With its modern design, it clearly marks its difference from other palaces. The lobby perfectly positions the hotel as a contemporary place with its leather sofas, velvet-covered walls and softened lighting. The hotel also takes great pride in preserving the environment thanks to the newest technologies and a real focus on not wasting commodities or resources.

The Fouquet’s belongs to the Lucien Barrière group. Its 107 rooms, including 40 suites, are all equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as  LCD screens and multimedia equipments. Its two restaurants,  “Le Diane” and “Le Fouquet’s” are known around the world.  This is in the Fouquet’s that a party takes place every year after the ceremony of  the “Cesars”, the French equivalent to the Academy Awards. It was also the restaurant chosen by  Nicolas Sarkozy to celebrate his victory at  the 2007 Presidential elections. The Fouquet’s also houses a cozy bar, the “Lucien Bar”, and a tea room:  “Galerie Joy”. For a complete chic experience, don’t forget to visit the Louis Vuitton store located just on the other side of Avenue George V!

Fouquet’s – At the intersection of avenue des Champs Elysées and avenue George V – 75008

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