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Pierre Gagnaire, cuisine with a touch of chemistry

February 29, 2012

Pierre Gagnaire was meant to be a Chef. Already as a child, it was obvious that he had inherited his father’s skills, a famous chef based in the South East of France, not far from Lyon. Gagnaire first worked in the pastry field before being an intern at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant. After  taking over his father’s restaurant and failing to make it a success,  he opened his own restaurant in Saint-Etienne and soon earned 3 Michelin Stars. Gagnaire then moved to Paris and opened his eponym restaurant rue Balzac, in the prestigious Balzac Hotel. The restaurant was soon awarded three Michelin stars.  

Pierre Gagnaire’s ambition has no limit: he has opened restaurants in London, Hong-Kong and Las Vegas. He also owns another restaurant in Paris on the left bank: La Gaya. His cuisine is avant-gardist and sophisticated. He is very much inspired by the scientific advances made in the molecular field. He frequently teams up with Hervé This, a renowned chemist in order to transform simple ingredients into spectacular dishes. Some of his fellow counterparts often compare him with a jeweler who can reveal the best out of every single ingredient he manipulates.

Below is a list of some of Gagnaire’s famous dishes :

– Aspic of Paris mushrooms infusion flavored with sage

– Green asparagus Saint Vincent served with artichokes and cuttlefish cooked with sorrel

– Beef consommé flavored with Banyuls wine, caramelised salsify, Jerusalem artichokes

– Caviar from Aquitaine, bortsch soup, poached egg, red cabbage sour cream

– Thinly-sliced blue lobster seared under the grill, unsalted butter.

Pierre Gagnaire loves to share his passion for cuisine and frequently publishes books about his art: “La cuisine c’est de l’amour, de l’art, de la technique”, “Un principe d’émotions”, “Alchimistes aux fourneaux”…

Pierre Gagnaire

6, rue Balzac 75008

+33 1 58 36 12 50

Closed on Saturdays, bank days and only open for dinners on Sundays

Menus at 90€ (lunch), 225€ and 260€ (dinner)

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