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Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athéné: cuisine elevated to the status of Haute-Couture

March 14, 2012

Avenue Montaigne is admittedly one of the most elegant streets in Paris. It is therefore not a surprise that it holds one of the best restaurants in town named after one of the best chefs ever, Alain Ducasse. Ducasse has been operating at Plaza Athenee for more than 10 years now where he has passed his inexhaustible knowledge first to Chef Christophe Moret and then, in 2010, to Chef Christophe Saintagne in.

An essential asset of the palace, the restaurant immediately inspires elegance as well as a unique sense of hospitality and comfort, making it your dream restaurant. The setting is a mix of abundance and luxury: a huge high-ceiling room with tapestry-covered walls, white columns and beautiful embroidered curtains, white table cloths, grey and pink chair. You could easily imagine having a catwalk installed in the middle of the room for a fashion show for one of the neighboring fashion boutiques. The real show is in your plate however. Christophe Saintagne, an aspiring chef since his childhood in Normandy, serves a jaw-dropping cuisine. He makes a point of finding out the best way to sublimate the quintessence of the dishes with only a few ingredients. Each dish is prepared in minute detail. Some of the most iconic ones include:

– Steamed langoustine

– Sea Scallops with black truffle

– Sole, artichokes and lemon

– Sea potatoes

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athéné

25, avenue Montaigne

75008 Paris

+33 1 53 67 65 00

Open Monday to Friday for diner and on Tuesdays and Fridays for lunch

Tasting menu at 360€

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