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L’Astrance, harmony at its climax!

April 11, 2012

When you walk by #4 of the rue Beethoven, you may at first be surprised by the lack of ostentatious signs of luxury: no valet service or groom to welcome you. Don’t get put off by this sober mise-en-scene however, you would miss a great culinary experience! Behind the modest entrance door, a contemporary setting awaits you and puts you in the condition of enjoying a memorable gastronomic treat.

Since the opening of the restaurant in 2000, Chef Pascal Barbot has always focused on putting all his energy in preparing the best cuisine. He first started his education in London before coming back to France. Since then, he’s had one of the most prestigious mentors a cook could ever dream of: Alain Passard, the three-star Chef of the Arpege. Barbot joined the elitist club of Chefs distinguished with 3 Michelin stars in 2007.

He is famous for his exceptional use of condiments, spices and seasonings. His great sense of harmony makes him one of the few chefs who combine more than five ingredients in a single dish, without taking off the overall impression of balance and lightness.  His culinary work is perfectly complemented by the expertise of Alexandre Jean, the sommelier who makes sure that each wine served precisely matches and sublimates the dishes.

Reservations are mandatory to get a table. The restaurant is usually fully booked one month in advance, and sometimes even more!


4, rue Beethoven

 75016 Paris

+33 1 40 50 84 40

Menu between 70 and 290€ (drinks not included)


Photo from the Paris Best Restaurants website

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