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Words of Parisians: Gregos

July 11, 2012

Words of a Parisian” is a new section featuring artists, chefs and other emblematic faces of the capital who will share with us their vision of Paris.
The 1st interview of this new section will allow us to learn more about Gregos, a « street artist » who has been active for many years. Maybe have you noticed one of his faces glued on some of the walls of Paris… The Paris on Demand blog published an article about him more than a year ago. After many trips abroad, Gregos is back in Paris and has agreed to tell us a little bit more about his art… and about Paris!

How would you define your activity?
I am a contemporary visual artist who mostly works in the streets.

What do Parisians say about your work?
I do not know what Parisians generally think of my work, but I haven’t received any negative criticism up to now!

How does your work change the way we look at Paris?
I create and glue on walls, which in my opinion are way too grey.

Your favorite place in Paris?
The street!

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