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Ice Kube, an unexpected boutique hotel

August 22, 2012

The 18th arrondissement is usually associated with Montmartre and its picturesque landmarks. If you feel adventurous and want to discover some off-the-beaten tracks addresses, you may be interested in the Kube Hotel, a boutique Hotel located in a remote area of the 18th arrondissement.

The Kube Hotel belongs to the Murano Resort group and opened in 2005. It boosted the popularity of this area usually known for its African community, the Gare du Nord or the Barbes district. The area hasn’t changed much since the opening of the Kube: the boulevard de la Chapelle is filled with stores selling tropical fruits, spices or African clothes; you wouldn’t expect to find one of the trendiest places in Paris there.

Yet, the Kube Hotel is located in a small dead-end, passage de la Ruelle, a cross-street of the boulevard de la Chapelle. The hotel is hidden behind a glass-ceiling lobby shaped as a… kube. The hotel is very sober with black and grey walls, mirrors a bit everywhere and cozy sofas.

The Kube Hotel is mostly known for being the first Ice Bar in France. Open to non-customers of the hotel, it offers a refreshing and atypical experience. Before entering the bar, a hostess will give you ski jackets and gloves to help you face the extreme temperature; -30°C on average! Once inside the bar and to help you warm up, you’ll get to taste during a 30-minute session 4 cocktails made with vodka served in a glass made of ice. It is worth to notice that all the other pieces of furniture are also made of ice: the bar itself, chairs, tables and even the walls, offering quite a change of scene.
Kube Hotel

1, passage Ruelle

75018 Paris

+33 1 42 05 20 00

Price for a double room: from 151€

Restaurant:lunch menu at 25€, ~20-30€ for a main dish

Brunch each Sunday at 34€

Ice Bar: 38€ for a 30-minute session. Reservations in advance recommended.

Credit: photo from the website

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