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Of flesh and marble

September 5, 2012

The Rodin Museum which was the topic of a previous article last year, is currently undergoing a renovation and should reopen in 2013. It is still worth a visit however as it currently displays in an original manner 60 masterpieces and studies of the famous sculptor.

The exhibition shows how Rodin’s work is a complex mix of classism and originality. Classism as Rodin had a real fascination for marble, a material evoking the antiquity and statues from Greece or Rome.  Marble is indeed said to be the material that most precisely represents the muscles and the flesh of models. At the same time, Rodin was a pioneer in the use of the “nonfinito” technique which is one of his trademarks.

Rodin’s talent lied in his ability to bring to life the marble material giving his sculptures a soul and a sense of movement. According to his peers , the artist had a special relationship with marble which trembled under his hands as Rodin imposed his domination on it.

Most of the sculptures on display come from private collections and definitely offer a new perspective on Rodin’s virtuosity. Among the masterpieces, you will get to admire the kiss, Aurora, the Danaïd, Man with a broken nose, the hand of God.
Flesh and marble exhibition

Till March 3rd 2013

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5.45pm

Entrance ticket at 10,80€

Rodin Museum

79, rue de Varenne

75007 Paris

+33 1 44 18 61 10

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