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Make the most of your stay and learn French!

July 22, 2013
The news broke two weeks ago: France remains the #1 destination for tourists in the world. Contrary to its European neighbors, France did not seem to suffer from the economic crisis  as 83 million tourists visited the country last year. Even better, tourists spent more in 2012 than they did in 2011 while in France. Most tourists came from Europe but the contingent from China, the USA, Brazil or India is getting stronger and stronger. Without surprise, most of those tourists went to Paris, making it the most visited city in the world.
It should be noted that tourists’ habits are slowly evolving. Though massively attracted by the capital’s most famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame or Montmartre, tourists are  looking more and more for a hands-on, authentic experience. Cultural workshops are developing fast and tourists are becoming  enthusiastic about cooking classes, wine tastings or even French “savoir-faire” lessons. Learning French to overcome the inability of the French to understand or speak proper English is another option getting popular. The cliché is old and  not always justified as more and more young adults and teenagers have a proper command of English. However, when there’s smoke there’s fire and it’s true that understanding a French menu or even worse, ordering a dish in a French restaurant can be quite challenging as lots of French people don’t or won’t speak a single word of English and won’t miss an opportunity to ignore your desperate attempts to get their attention.
There are a lot of Advantages for learning the French language before or during your trip to France. French people may be totally wary of you if you directly talk to them in English but they may be extremely helpful if you first try to speak with them in their own language. Most of them will be happy to help you find your way, give you a few cultural insights about their country  or even ask you questions about your home city. True, the french language has a reputation for being difficult but the development of the internet and on-line lessons have made it easier to learn its o  you should quickly be able to have a chat about most topics!
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