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Paris and the World Poker Tour

July 29, 2013

Paris and poker have a decade’s worth of partnership that moulds dreamers into legends.

Paris has always been known for its worldwide appeal to lovers, romantics, and tourists in general. It nests iconic structures like the Pyramid of the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. But more than just being the perfect backdrop for a dreamy getaway with a loved one, Paris has also been the ideal battlefield of some of the most cunning and ruthless card sharks.
Since the global poker spread started in 2003, the World Poker Tour continues to change the face of a normally romantic city, and turns it into a war zone of some sort. Each year, the WPT holds major events at the Aviation Club de France where they draw out some of the best minds the poker world has ever seen. Tournament favourites like Christer Johansson, David Benyamine, and Surinder Sunar, as well as up-and-coming contenders Theo Jørgensen, Matthew Waxman, and Matt Salsberg have all won the annual event with flying colours. Throughout the years, the Aviation Club witnessed these previously unheard of poker studs burgeon into consistent contenders on the felt; that’s why fans always look forward to watching this exciting event.
Situated right in the enchanting heart of Paris, the Aviation Club de France has been around the business of gambling for more than a century. Established in 1907 by a group of avant garde aviators, the Club sets itself apart from most world class casinos. Its sophistication and subtlety, combined with the vast quantity of competitive tournaments created its reputation as a popular European poker destination. The Grand Prix de Paris – being the first stop on the World Poker Tour – sets the stage of a potentially monumental felt table showdown. Shown across the globe via the extensive television coverage of the WPT and the Partypoker live stream, fans are treated to the best poker action this side of the continent. And this year will be no exception. This October 25, the Aviation Club de France will open its majestic doors once again, as poker players from all over the world converge under one roof to battle it out in the bwin WPT Grand Prix de Paris. The six-day event will culminate on the 30th; in which the poker world will see the crowning of another WPT champion – and quite possibly, a future Hall of Famer.
Poker has seen the legitimate skills of its players unfold with regularity every tournament they participate in. Titles are won, and lost, and lives are forever changed with just a simple push of the chip stack. Former champions reign supreme and new champions emerge from the deepest waters of obscurity. Every season is different. Every year is unpredictable. But one thing is for sure, the World Poker Tour and its partnership with the city of Paris create an exhilarating thrill and a unique sensation that makes each tournament one for the ages.

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