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10 photos of Parisian Street Art

November 7, 2013

Street art is getting more and more popular worldwide. Last month, Banksy brought animation in the streets of New York by anonymously creating temporary pieces of art here and there. Paris is not left behind as it was home of some major events lately. The Keith Harring exhibition was one of the most popular one last Summer and this October, the “Tour Paris 13”, was a must-see. The “Tour Paris 13” is a whole building to be demolished by the end of the year, that was left open to steet artists’ imagination. As a result, thousands of visitors swarming to the Austerlitz area. It even came to the point where people were ready to sleep in front of the building and then stand in line for at least 3 hours in the morning in order to enter the building.

These events are the clear evidence that street art is quite the thing on the Parisian artistic scene. If you’ve missed these events, there are still plenty of places to visit in Paris in order to see some nice street art. The Montmartre area is home to many Gregos faces, as the Butte aux Cailles is the playground of Miss-Tic. The rue Denoyez in the 20th arrondissement is also famous for its walls covered with murals and graffitis. Finally, if you want to meet some street artists, you can also visit the 59, rue de Rivoli, a whole building inhabited by artists or on May 2014, you can already plan on visiting the “Frigos” de Paris, in the 13th arrondissement. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet but it should be communicated soon!

The street art spots photographed below may not be in your Paris Travel Guide and yet they are one of the Top Attractions in Paris!

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